School Children's Competition

The primary objective of the "Clean Sweep Bonanza Contest" that was organized by the Burhani Foundation (India) in Mumbai was to educate children on major environmental issues. Students from all communities enthusiastically participated in this contest.

The contest was also held in other places throughout India. 10,000 forms were printed & distributed throughout India by the Project Officers of BFI. In Mumbai, the Taheri Scouts Group volunteered to visit the residences of several participants to deliver and collect the completed entry forms.

The participating schools appreciated the project and willingly extended their support. The contest was a great success! BFI received entries in five different categories as mentioned in the "Contest" folder. The Timex Wrist Watch was presented by BFI to winners who stood 1st, while at other Centers the local Jamats awarded the 2nd, 3rd & Consolation Prizes to the respective winners. The entries received at various centers were judged locally by competent persons. In Mumbai, the results of the "Clean Sweep Bonanza Contest" were telecast on the local cable TV stations.