Center for Environmental Studies

Burhani Foundation (India) has established a Center for Environmental Studies at Visakhapatnam, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, where research projects are identified and implemented. After taking into account the local conditions the research has provided sensible low-cost solutions for industrial problems. The Center has a well-equipped laboratory and a team of experts from various disciplines dedicated to the cause of the environment and its sustainable development. The Center provides the following services:

* Sampling and routine analyses of waters, waste waters and industrial stack gases.
* Plant studies and designs of low cost waste treatment systems with appropriate technology.
* Mathematical and numerical modeling of dispersing pollutants in the air and ground water.
* Analyzing the hazardous effects of fires and toxic gas leaks.
* Preparation of Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) Reports.
* Designing water supply, sewerage and plumbing systems.
* Organizing technical short-term courses on environmental issues in industries.
* Facilitating research projects for environmental students.
* Interacting with local institutes on environmental research projects.
* Creating environmental awareness through campaigns, competitions, exhibitions, pamphlets, etc.
* Co-sponsoring environmental projects for local NGOs.

Burhani Foundation will be happy to answer any queries from the public and guide students on environmental themes. Industrial problems can also be referred to the center. The Center has been appointed by the Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA) as a member of their Industrial Safety Committee to monitor the industries in and around Vizag. The Center also advises clients on safety measures and risk management.