Burhani Foundation (India) at Mezbaan Expo

BFI participated in the Mezbaan Expo organized by Burhani Guards Vasai team at Parvati Cinema Ground on 25 and 26 January 2020.

The Expo was inaugurated by Taikhoom Bhaisaheb on 25th January. Mr. Pravin Shetty Honorable Mayor of Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation, local MLA's and other dignitaries visited the Expo.

At the BFI stall, around 1000 saplings of Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Mint, Curry Leaves and Bryophyllum (life-plant) were distributed. BFI will now follow-up with the people who received the plants, to provide further guidance for proper plant care. Eco-Newsletters were also distributed.

The Mayor of Vasai–Virar, impressed by the activities, invited BFI to support them in environmental conservation, especially in community majority areas.

Many visitors volunteered for inclusion in future BFI activities, subscribed to receive the monthly Eco-newsletters and offered valuable suggestions in the box installed at the stall.

BFI received request from Aamil Saheb of Vasai, to assist a local colony in adopting waste segregation and beautification. Other requests were from schools and NGO's for assistance in organizing environment seminars, particularly for plastic pollution and waste segregation.

People from all walks of society visited the expo. The total footfall recorded was around 10,000 in 2 days.

Photos from the event