BFI Pilot Project: Environmental Study Tours

Located in the Western Ghats, Rajmachi is a popular destination for nature lovers, trekkers and outdoor campers. The plantation of 1000 plants was completed in January 2019 and now this site is being developed to start ‘Eco Tourism’ and ‘Environmental Study’ tours, BFI is also hiring the expertise of Botanists, Wildlife experts, and Wildlife Survival instructors. The first batch of students from Al Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah, Pune, visited the site on 26th February 2019, and more such trips including various schools will be organized in future.

Activities included –

  • Learning about Western Ghats and Rajmachi
  • Understanding local Flora& Fauna and its importance
  • Nature Trail and observing the wildlife
  • Learning about a few trees, animal and bird species
  • Locating an animal or a bird by their sounds, smell or pugmarks
  • Also learnt about characteristics of different birds and their body parts
  • Few medicinal plants, their usage and plantation methods
  • Small activity – using natural resources to spread environment protection message

The students also enjoyed bird watching, the instructors mimicked the call of Crescent Serpent Eagle and White Chick Barbet. Students were enthusiastic to see the birds respond to these calls and saw those using binoculars. They also spotted Crematogaster Ants nest and Funnel web Spider. Learnt about Karvanda plant, Mushrooms, Barking deer and porcupines nest. All the participants were presented with Paper pens, made from used newspapers and containing seeds of plants. These pens can be planted in soil once their ink is exhausted. They were also given Jute bags to send a message of ‘Say No To Plastics’

With ‘Environmental Study Tours’,BFI aims to spark interest of the young minds towards nature conservation and lead them towards this field.

Photos from the event