Col.AMIT BHAGI presenting BFI Trustee, Mr.Nuruddin Sevwallah an appreciation award for supporting THE RIVER MARCH MOVEMENT which is working towards reviving and rejuvenating the 4 rivers of Mumbai.

5km River Marchathon on 6th March

On the 6th of March 2016, the auspicious occasion of Birth Anniversary of the 52nd Spiritual Head of the International Dawoodi Bohra Community His Holiness Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA, Burhani Foundation (India) participated in an event which was organized for a social cause. His Holiness always urged people to work for the betterment of the society and nature. Today his Successor the 53rd Spiritual Head of the International Dawoodi Bohra Community His Holiness Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, carries forward the legacy of his revered father.

The pleasant morning of 6th March 2016,saw a gathering of hundreds of people near the banks of Mithi River, Poisar River, Dahisar River and Oshiwara River. These people took a 5 Km long walk around the 4 aforementioned rivers which were once flowing in their full force and enhancing the beauty of the area and the Mumbai city at large. These areas were once a favorite tourist spot, where people would spend leisure time. Water from these rivers has been used for drinking and other purposes. Today these rivers have been turned into ‘Nallahs’ where people dump their waste, debris from construction sites, etc.

The ‘River March’ program, as it was named, was an effort to create awareness on river pollution and show the depleting condition of these rivers as well as many other rivers in India. This event was aimed at rejuvenating these polluted rivers, it was organized to send a message and request to Government and Non-Government organizations to help clean these rivers and protect them. The walk was undertaken to give a wake-up call to the people in these localities and at other places, and give a message to care for these rivers and stop dumping our waste there.

Trustees and Members from BFI participated in this event at the Mithi River. A crowd of around 1000 people had gathered here for this event, this included large participation from Dawoodi Bohra Community and children from Madrasa and School. Under the presence of few eminent personalities, the starting ceremony was organized at Sofitel Hotel situated at Bandra Kurla Complex. Program started at 7 AM with a few speeches highlighting the issue followed by Flag Hoisting and National Anthem. At around 7:30 AM the participants started the March of 5 Km, holding placards and banners. The walk was completed by 9 AM followed by thanks giving speech and refreshments provided to the participants.

Burhani Foundation (India) had the privilege to provide drinking water to the participants at all the 4 venues. Placards printed withslogans like, ‘Jal hai toh Kal hai’, ‘Don’t let the Future blow, Don’t Pollute the H2O’, ‘Paryavaran ka rakhe Dhyan, Tabhi banega Desh Mahan’, etc.were provided by the BFI, together with some stickers highlighting the event. We also took care to see to it that no one throws any garbage or the water bottles on the roadside, and instead collected it in garbage bags which were hanged on a tempo which accompanied us during the whole rally.

Similarly large numbers of people participated in the event at other 3 places. As per the message from BFI, it was seen that members from Dawoodi Bohra Community also came out in large numbers to participate in this program. The River March program was a huge success overall and the motto of spreading the awareness message was achieved. BFI was appreciated for its activities and involvement in environmental causes. The organizers were appreciated by many Government and Non-Government personalities and agencies. The program was called off with the promise to again unite for similar events in future and carrying forward this effort until we achieve our goal of ‘Clean Rivers’.

Photos from the event