Techfest 2013 -Green Campus Challenge

With the Raza Mubarak of Aqa Maula (TUS) and Chairman Shahzada Ammar Bhaisaheb Jamaluddin Saheb, Burhani Foundation (India) participated in the Techfest 2013 under the theme “The Green Campus Challenge”.

About Techfest:

Techfest is the Annual Science and Technology festival of IIT Bombay, scheduled between 3rd-5thJanuary, 2013. Attracting an overwhelming footfall of 92,000 including 6000 corporate executives across the nation, Techfest is the Asia’s largest festival of its kind.Techfest has been blessed with UNESCO Patronage, UNESCO’s highest form of support. It is granted to demonstrate the Organization’s moral endorsement of an exceptional activity.

About TGCC (“The Green Campus Challenge”)

Born with a vision to make every campus in India sustainable, green and eco-friendly and to educate the youth about the importance of the same, The Green Campus Challenge is a first of its kind initiative in India by Techfest 2013, IIT Bombay.

The Green Campus Challenge requires student teams, one from each campus, to perform a series of up to 100 tasks to make their campuses greener and more sustainable across 4 months Tasks include:

• Energy: Calculate the annual carbon footprint in the college campus and make the report public

• Green: Initiate a "Plant a sapling" drive in your college and ensure at least 100 saplings are planted to make the campus greener.

• Food: Implement vermicomposting in your locality.

• Water Management: Audit the water consumption on your campus and identify the sources.

• Climate & Air: Study the climate change in your city.

• Social Media: Organize a marathon/rally to promote a particular green event and try to get maximum support in your area or city in terms of participation and media presence In a novel enterprise, the Burhani Foundation (India) took part as the presenting sponsor of the Techfest Green Campus Challenge, a competition pitting the best colleges of India against each other in completion of myriad tasks, all related to environment friendly and sustainable practices. The participation was in the form of a strong presence during Techfest on ground and online.

Presence of BFI at Techfest 2013:

• Burhani Foundation (India) participation as sponsor and coordinated by IITian Juzer A Tambawala.

• Burhani Foundation (India) banners depicting the major projects and some tips on environment friendly behaviour all over Techfest, 50 such banners were put up.

• A kiosk was set up of Burhani Foundation (India) in the prime area of the convocation hall, at the stall there was a variety of attractions. Tasneem Madam, Shk. Abdealibhai and staff of BFI set up a number of quizzes on acrylic boards for interested college students / Techfest participants to come and challenge their brains. Prizes were given to quiz winners.

• In the same Kiosk also an arranged some models to easy to understand and to make at home implements for energy saving were displayed and explained to all. These models include a solar water heater, self watering container, Non Water Planter, Drip Irrigation and Gray Water Bio Filter water setup.

• The stall saw a large amount of crowd participation and the organisation got close to 4000 contact details of students who can now be added to the website subscribers list. Thus creating a base of BFI among the college students.

• BFI Secretary Shk.Abdealibhai Bhanpurawala and Tasneem Bhanpurawala, Joint Secretary Moizbhai Tambawala visited the stall and attended the contest proceeding on the penultimate day. Mr.Rego & Mrs. Manisha Kelkar who handled the kiosk and managed the overwhelming rush and response. BFI Logo was in all the Techfest advertisement.

• Logo and Banners at event venue as well as short clip played about the foundation work and its activity on the final day event.

Fruits of the participation:

Burhani Foundation (India) through the Techfest participation make their first solid inroads into the college students sphere, as the organisations aim is to promote research and awareness about the environment, interacting with the college students gives a unique opportunity. The college students are the drivers of new and innovative research and the agents for awareness among the next generation, thus capturing their attention can be of prime importance. Follow up possibilities may exist with them, where their projects may be involved with us.

All in all the participation was fruitful. Spreading the name of BFI and message of His Holiness Dr.Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS) among the youths. Also adding list of subscribers to the site and the start of a relation between Techfest and Burhani Foundation (India) as well as the chance to interact with other colleges. For example we got a proposal straight away from IIT Kharagpur, Goa Quark 2013 for similar activities. This should see us in a new frontier as far as environment and research awareness goes.