Vermiculture is an innovative type of technology, which does not call for expensive laboratories or sophisticated industrial equipment. The best place to rear earthworms is in the soil itself. It is in this soil that they feed on organic wastes.

Vermiculture effectively combines soil processing with waste processing as a two-in-one package. When biodegradable wastes (in the form of mulch) are applied to the soil containing earthworms, the action is triggered off almost at once. Hence, the earthworm has given man the unbelievable power to recycle his garbage into a valuable fertilizer.

Burhani Foundation's Vermiculture projects have been successfully implemented at several places including Burhanpur, Sidhpur and Surat through their respective Jamats. This technology can also be practiced at the home, by separating kitchen wastes from the garbage pile and placing it on the soil containing earthworms. Several residential buildings in Mumbai have found this process to be very clean and ideal for waste disposal. The Burhani Foundation has published a booklet providing easy to work information on this subject.